Sunday, September 24, 2006

Recurring Theme Dreams

17th November, 2006 - Magician playing tricks
"I am in an unfamiliar place. There are lots of western magicians. We are dancing happily. The feeling is like, they are helping me. They give a hand to me and dance...Later, I see a magician is playing a trick. He turns into a different character...when people look at him, he is not him but turns into somebody else, then somebody else turns into another person...something green..." (I can't remember much about it because I didn't record the dream just after awakening)  
Someday in November, 2006 - Magician playing tricks
"I see a magician with his assistant in somewhere near my home place. They are playing tricks. His assistant is a beautiful girl. Ken also is there." I can't remember much of the dream. 
24th September, 2006 - Someone has a crush on k 
"...I'm walking on the street with K., then he meets two of his former female classmates. One of the girls says she can't believe that she sees K. dating with a girl, (because he used to be weird in high school time and never thought he would have a girlfriend). Then, K. asks them their contact numbers and asks them if there is any birthday party or some kind of meeting taking place recently. If there is any, just call him. One of the girl looks like a mixed blood. She smiles so often then says her smile doesn't look as cute as mine, and when she is cool, it doesn't look as sexy as mine as well. I'm very confused when she says that. She seems to have a crush on K. and doesn't like me at all. Then, the perspective of the dream has changed. It looks like very much looking at the girl from a camera lense, viewing her from her feet to the head. She looks very nice!!! Her friend next to her says that: 'Look at her!! She is really hot and sexy!!' She has got long perfect leg, and a nice body. She is dancing and sexy. I'm amazed too, cause every move of her is also attracting me. When she uses her tongue to lick something on the air, I think of not seeing K. anymore. Cause that girl actually is seducing him. I'd rather go away and say goodbye to K. Then, I see a mirror like image just opposite to the girl. What I see it is horrified!! In the reflection she looks like a Death Goddess, something like that, because the image of it is a skeleton face with big round eyes pop out from the legs, and it looks so creepy! Then, a second later, a bus fastly passes her back and hit someone... On the road, I see a man being hit. Lots of blood on the ground. . . And, K. turns out to be someone else, also lays in the ground..."

Same night, also dreamed of:

"I'm in Hong Kong by myself because K. has to get back to Macau first. I'm looking for a hotel to stay overnight alone. It is on Sunday (but in fact should be on Saturday, cause I have to go back home on Sunday night - the time is confusing in the dream). There is Mandarim Oriental Hotel, it is too expensive for me and I can't afford it. Then I think of going to the Causeway bay, the hotel over there maybe cheaper. But, there is a risk that maybe someone else will break in my room without notice and stare at me sleeping. It is frightening!! The security in the cheaper hotel is not as good as the fancy hotel...So I decide to not stay alone in a hotel. Daddy suddenly is next to me. . . I think of "Maybe I should go home earlier!!" 
20th September, 2006 - Looking for clothes
 " boots worn out and I need to buy a new one. I go inside a boutique and looking for a green Dr. Martins boots. The sale assistant says they don't sell this type of boots. I'm thinking of maybe it is time to go to Hong Kong for shopping! There is nothing I can buy in Macau! Then, I see many fancy clothes, they are all pricey! I'm thinking that why I don't have much money to buy all the thing I like? >_< ... I really want to buy clothes and a pair of new boots!" In waking life: I remember I always dream of the same theme (looking for clothes) in certain situation. The last time I dreamed about this kind of dream, it was like the moment I was under stress because of the intense school works. The new and the last semester of 4 year of Design has started on 18th September. I assume the reason to have this kind of dream is somehow related to stress at College, and shopping can release stress!."  
Someday between 14th to 19th September, 2006 - Someone has a crush on K
"...there is someone else who falls in love with K. . ." I can't remember much about it...
In the same night i also dreamed of:

"...I am in somewhere looking for an exit!" I ask a lady a question then I give her MOP1500 for showing me a way back to Macau. Many students including myself come to a dead end tower and can't go back!!.." I can't remember...

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