Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mutual Dreams

24th May, 2007 - Both of us dreamed of breaking up
On the street, I see a friend of K. They are talking to each other...
I and K are inside an old cinema right now. Somebody, a group of guys have taken our seat. We show them our ticket then they go away. On K's left hand side, there is an empty seat. I sit on K's right hand side and next to me it is also an empty seat then next to the seat, there is a man who is smoking and i can smell the smoke!!

We are watching Romeo and Juliet. On the film, one of the actress says the origin of the film "The Romeo and Juliet" is from Macau. Later on, there is a pregnant woman sit next to K's seat. The cigarette man leaves his seat as the film seems to be boring. Both of us not pay lot of attention to the film. I see some of my coworkers are inside the cinema as well. We say hi to each other. At the same time K turns his back and sits opposite to the scene. It's weird, and I notice that he is watching a comic book instead of watching the film. I feel alone... Some people come into the cinema and K knows them. He goes to greet them and lead them to the seats. He likes to help people. Then back, then another people come in, he goes to help them as well, leaving me all alone now in the seat. I feel I am being totally abandoned.

Later, I notice there is a little girl who is looking for her mom. K goes to toilet alone and helps the little girl to find her mother. He left me without saying anything to me and I am thinking that he has changed! ...

When I see the little girl touches K's hand I'm feeling hurt and I cry.

After that, after K finish helping all those people around, he is back with me now and he starts to talk to me and asks me why i am crying.

We leave the cinema. As we walk down the stairs, I have a strange thought in my mind, this is kind of precognitive dream. In the future i will have many situations like this which K will leave me alone by myself. I'm upset and I cry.

Somewhere near my house, we walk down the hill and I tell him to break up. Because he is ignoring me most of the time. He says why I always mention about breaking up instead of fixing things every time we have problems. I start to cry. He says he intends to be so cold because he is planning to break up later.

I ask him why I have trusted him in the very beginning, and why he lie to me. He has promised that will treat me very well and love me, seems a lie...I cry.

He asks me to go shopping with him. I sit on a side crying. He let me see a pairs of shoes which cost only MOP10.00. It's very cheap. He buys a blanket. Then, the shop owner, a western guy. He tells us not to hold the plastic bag too close to the body, because it's hot. There is a puppy doll inside the plastic bag. I put it in a more comfortable location of the bag.

He has spent MOP1000 in the shop. I'm still crying. I am asking myself why it ends here. I haven't been to Easter Island yet and there is another place I also wish to go. But it's over...

Later, I go into a cosmetic shop. I sit at the corner crying. In front of me there is a mirror. I look at it and from the reflection of the mirror I see myself look very ugly. Sadness has made me look older than my actual age. There are five female assistants in the shop come closer to me and ask me what happen to me. Four of them are really willing to help me and another one seems doesn't like me at all. I stop crying because i don't want to let others see me crying. One of them hand me two necklaces. Both of them are gold, one is gold color and another one is purple. She shows me that i can open the necklace in many angles whenever and wherever i want to...

I woke up.

Day Events:

After I awoke. I phoned K and asked him if he had any kind of dream last night. He told me that he was dreaming about he broke up with her girlfriend. He was sad and his height has shortened. He thought that he had got nothing at all so he tried to kill himself by hitting by a car. He said as he walked up to the car which is coming fast to him, a female figure (like his coworker) appeared in the scene. She saved him and told him he was crazy. She said: "Trying to kill yourself is stupid and it can't fix anything." Later, he went to a shop and wanted to buy a white light bulb. It cost MOP10.00. The shop owner said he need to give her valuable things in order to buy the light bulb. He gave the shop owner everything he had and told her: "In case I can't come back, please just pass all his stuff to his old family.

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