Monday, November 20, 2006

Problem Solving Dreams

20th November, 2006 - EDK, Manuel Surrealism Pinto Zoncales

"There are many books inside a house. It is an unfamiliar indoor setting. I see Kam and Ken inside the house. I'm looking for a solution to work out the illusional images project. I try to find a solution from those books. Ken asks me astonishingly: "You're not going to read them all, are you??" I reply: "I have to find a solution. It must be here!!"

Later on, in IASD bulletin board, here I post my problem. My topic is: " A night - a little dream" ... (i can't remember the body part of the post). Lately, someone named "EDK" replies with " A bad - a little man" ...(also, i forgot what's in the major part of the post) I only know that he tells me solution of how to work out the hybrid images to make distance illusional images. I'm happy at that moment. I've been to looking for that person and try to meet him in person. Then, i realize that he works in TDM, a place where also Ken is working in. Then, I have a feeling that this person is temporary living in Macau at the moment. I tell my feeling to Ken that I "sense" that person. Ken is angry about it. He seems to hate this person. He is jealous that he is a western guy but talks cantonese fluently. Later on, I found his name is: "MANUEL SURREALISM PINTO ZONCALES". Pinto is what people usually call him.

In the supermarket. I catch a moon. Then I put it inside a giant glass. I tell Pinto that I caught a moon... A place where many people inside. I see a child, a fat boy...
The bookshop calls "Pinto Livros" may has the solution...

In waking life: There is actually a bookshop named "Pinto Livros" in my hometown...

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